New 20€ FirmwareNE77 - Bill Acceptor

Posted by Bernard 21 Jan, 2016 10:05:41

LATEST NE77 FIRMWARE released on 2015-11-11
Firmware NKFX00HA405JC09EU406 - CHKSUM - 95C8

This firmware is for optimal use with the output flaps as the motor spins 2 seconds longer then before. Mind the new dipswitch setting !

Dip 9 ON : will Enable the "4 Bill Rejections" safety procedure, then the Bill Acceptor will stop working for 30 Sec to prevent fraude.

Power up your FP-004FP-004 Programmer

Posted by Bernard 21 Jan, 2016 09:54:09

For updating the FP-004 programmer box with the latest firmware from your PC, you need a 12vDC-1000mA (1A) Regulated Power Adaptor (which is not included) and the following cables :

  • #WEL-RF303 (Sub-D-Connector to PC COM-port)
  • #WEL-RCC42 (to NE77)

Click the white male and female connectors together.

Most recent PC's do not support SUB-D connectors anymore. In that case you need an USB to Sub-D converting cable, which you can buy in your regular computer store.

Windows users should check the COM port number in their "Control Panel / Systems and Security / Device Manager" That number should correspond with the port number in the FP-004 application.

How to use the FP-004FP-004 Programmer

Posted by Bernard 21 Jan, 2016 09:51:49

Download and unzip the software before installing. Use the right looms to connect your hardware.

Blog image

Open the "ICT" application. Select "Bill-Acceptor", "NE77", "FP004" and the COM-port dedicated by device manager. Click "Load File" and select the desired firmware file on your harddisk.

Click "Download" in the left upper corner and select FP-004. The firmware will be programmed in your FP-004 box. Every step is monitored on screen.

Once you succeeded, you can use this box to update all your NE77's on-site.

New 20€ updateNE77 - Bill Acceptor

Posted by Bernard 24 Sep, 2015 22:18:07

As from 01/09/2015 on, a new firmware update for accepting the new 20€ Bills is available at our website Download it for free and use the programmer application to upload it to your FP-004 programmer. Then program it into your NE77 bill acceptors.

Firmware BEEBNE77 - Bill Acceptor

Posted by Bernard 13 Dec, 2014 19:38:50

New NE77 firmware version available since 2014-10-14.
Firmware NKFX00BA404JC08EU404 - CHKSUM : BEEB
This update solves the poor acceptance of new printed 50€ bills.

50€ BillsNE77 - Bill Acceptor

Posted by Bernard 26 Sep, 2014 00:05:49

Some NE77 customers experience a poor acceptance of the 50€ bills, especially new bills. Regarding the feedback we have, it concerns about 1 to 3 % of the bill acceptors in the field right now.

Our advice : use your FP-004 programmer to upload the latest firmware (chksm 21A4) into your NE77 device and test it.

If the problem isn't solved, turn in your devices for replacement so we can do diagnostic test to analyse the problem.

Firmware 21A4NE77 - Bill Acceptor

Posted by Bernard 18 Aug, 2014 23:20:15

Date : 2014/08/10 - Filename: NKFX009A404JC07EU403(21A4).bin

Checksum : 21A4

Made by the R&D department due to the following 3 reasons ;

1. Pulse issue for compatibility with Wimi bingo machine (BUSY/ABN. Signal)

2. DIP switches for banknote value selection (*)

3. Some components phased out on NE77, including U5, U6, U7, U8

Please help test to approve it in the most popular machines, like SIRMO, SPLIN, VIDITIS, etc.

This firmware will be loaded into the next production of 5,000pcs NE77

(*) use dips 7 and 8 as follows, TO SELECT THE TYPE OF NOTES ACCEPTED :

Dip7 Dip8 Notes accepted
0 0 5 / 10 / -- / --
0 1 - / 10 / 20 / 50
1 0 5 / 10 / 20 / --
1 1 5 / 10 / 20 / 50